Hair Colour


Good hair colour can be so much more than just colour. It can play up your features, give you a healthy glow, and even slim your face. 


Claire is passionate about beautiful, healthy hair and nothing enhances that more than professionally applied hair colour. 


Claire uses the Italian brand Fanola to colour and recommends the use of the revolutionary product Olaplex as an additional additive to compliment any colour service


Professional Service

Ask for Olaplex to be added to your colour or highlights to dramatically reduce breakage and make your colour last longer

Claire undertakes local training regularly as well as travelling internationally to learn from some of the top hair colour educators in the southern hemisphere.


There are a multitude of ways to apply hair colour to help enhance your hair texture and facial features. 

Some of the most popular techniques at the moment are balayage and root smudging.  Both work in with your natural hair colour to allow for easy grow out and maintenance.


There are hundreds of way of achieving the fashionable balayage look that you see in the magazines currently.  The beauty of this technique is that is is completely customisable for every head of hair.

Root Smudge

This involves painting a darker colour (usually similar to your natural) at the roots and fading it out to blend with the existing blonde ends. 


This allows a gradual progression from dark to light giving longevity and easy maintenance of colour for the client that only like to refresh their colour every 16 weeks or so.


Nothing beats the classic foiling technique of highlighting to achieve the palest of blondes. 


The highlights (weaves) can be a combination of babylights (very fine) to slices (chunky pieces) to give a multidimensional and interesting look to the hair. 


In the picture, half head of foils was applied to lighten the clients hair up, leaving the underneath section darker. 


Claire will often alternate between a full head of highlights and either partial or half head per appointment to maximise value and affordability.


Global Colour

Nothing shows off the shine and condition of your hair like a full global colour.  Whether you desire total grey coverage, a low commitment demi permanent result or a full on show stopping red, a global colour is a great way to give your hair a change.

Keeping up with new methods, tricks and trends in hair colour allows Claire to create the perfectly formulated hair colour to suit you as a person as well as your lifestyle and budget. 

Get in contact with Claire today to book an appointment. 

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